2011 Conference

Colleen Hammond

A former on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel, model, actress and Miss Michigan National Teen-Ager, Colleen Hammond lived the American Dream and found it to be a nightmare. While working in television, she reverted to the Catholic Faith. The moment their first baby was born, Colleen “saw the light” and abandoned her highly successful career in television to become a stay-at-home-mother. Currently heard as a host of “St. Joseph Radio Presents”—available to 85 million people worldwide on WEWN—Colleen is an award-winning writer, radio and television talk show host, educator, comedienne, and mother—all rolled into one! For more information on Colleen, visit her website at www.colleenhammond.com.

"Love, Honor & Obey?"
Is there any one ‘head of the family’? Or is it mutual submission? In this talk, Colleen delves into what the Bible says, what the Church, Saints and Doctors of the Catholic Church say about wives being subject to their husbands. Hold on to your hats!

"The Family: A Sacred Calling"
Colleen shows how the family is not our idea, but God’s, and how the family is what will save our culture and society.

Sharmane Adams

Sharmane Adams grew up as a child who traveled the globe. She was exposed to numerous cultures and openly admits that she was blessed with many of the material privileges that only some can imagine. But, as she grew into her adult life and was confronted with numerous challenges, she felt a yearning to grow deeper and more spiritual in her life journey. Although she was rooted in religious upbringing, it wasn’t until she attended a church retreat that she truly converted from being religious, to living her life on-fire for her faith! As Sharmane embraced this new direction for her life she also quickly realized that music and ministry would be a significant aspect of this conversion experience. For more information on Sharmane, visit her website at www.sharmane.com.

"Leap of Faith"
Experience an hour of testimony by clinician and concert musician Sharmane Adams. She takes you on a journey through her conversion. Sharmane experienced a life changing event during Lent 1997. She shares stories and music and makes her own, personal experiences a spiritual awakening for all.

Marge Fenelon

Marge Fenelon is a Catholic, author, speaker, and columnist. She's the author of Waiting with Mary; Advent Reflections for Those Who Hate to Wait, and Ecce Mater Tua – Behold, Your Mother; and Marian Stations of the Cross. Her book, When’s God Gonna Show Up? has gained substantial momentum, spawning her snappy and inspiring When’s God Gonna Show Up? workshop. Her most recent work is When’s God Gonna Call Me Back?, and has already been instrumental in leading others back to the Catholic Church.
For more information on Marge, visit her website at

"She's My Mother, and She's Your Mother, Too!"

Who is Mary? She's the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth. But, who is she really? Most people tend to either ignore her completely or put her on a pedestal so high they can't relate to her. In this enticing and informative talk, Marge Fenelon will help us to get to know Mary personally so that we can truly say, "She's my Mother, too!"